Bariatric Surgery Colleyville TX

Colleyville, TX is a growing city with sophistication and a laid-back, friendly atmosphere that allows its inhabitants to live, work, play and enjoy the nightlife. Amid all these enjoyments, there’s a tendency to eat a lot of fast food, takeout and restaurant meals which increases the risk of obesity. As consumption of excess calories continues excess weight increases, which could lead to serious health issues related to weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery has become quite popular amongst overweight people looking for a proven route to weight loss. It is also known as sleeve gastrectomy and it is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t have the long-term complication rates of a Gastric Lap Band and doesn’t require maintenance.

The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach to a narrow tube. During this laparoscopic procedure, about 80% of the stomach is removed and the remaining portion is formed into a sleeve or a banana-shaped tube greatly reducing its capacity. The result of these changes is that you feel full quicker than you used to and by extension you won’t be able to eat as much which helps you lose weight. Gastric sleeve also removes that part of the stomach that makes the ghrelin hormone which boosts appetite.

What Happens

Laparoscopic Gastric sleeve surgery takes about one hour and can be done on adult patients of all ages. The surgeon starts by making between one to five small incisions in your abdomen. The smaller incisions used for laparoscopic surgery minimizes gastric sleeve scars.

After the incisions are made, laparoscopic instruments are inserted into the abdomen and a portion of the stomach is removed. The surgery leaves the patient with a banana-like “sleeve” that utilizes the natural openings to the esophagus and small intestine. The pyloric valve that controls the release of food to the small intestine from the stomach still functions as it did prior to surgery.

While this rarely happens, the surgeon can safely switch to open surgery if for some reasons it becomes impossible to complete the procedure laparoscopically. The gastric sleeve surgery is a permanent surgery and the patient usually leaves the hospital within 24 hours of surgery, however a few patients may remain in the hospital for one to two days before being discharged.

After surgery

Immediately after surgery, patients begin with a liquid diet before changing to a pureed diet as the stomach continues to heal. Several weeks after the gastric sleeve surgery has been done, patients can move to eating three small portioned meals of normal consistency food daily. The procedure makes small sized meals enough to get the sensation of fullness and this makes it easier for patients to reduce the amount of food they eat.

A lot of patients experience good to great weight loss results after a sleeve gastrectomy. About 70% of excess weight is lost the majority of which is lost in the first twelve months and more in the next six to twelve months. Although there will be some weight regain, it is usually minor. Patients need an improved diet, consistent exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes to get a reliable outcome after gastric sleeve surgery and no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.

Health benefits

Aside from weight loss, sleeve gastrectomy patients experience other health benefits because of the surgery.

  • Hypertension: a very large percentage of sleeve gastrectomy patients stop taking or reduce anti-hypertensive medications.
  • About 80% of patients experience improved sleep patterns, reduced snoring, and lower daytime fatigue.
  • Patients living with asthma can reduce use of medications because of a marked improvement in symptoms.
  • Patients also notice amongst other things improved social interaction, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms and general improvement in the quality of life.
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