GERD Treatment and Basic Prevention Tips for Patients

Unlike a wide variety of stomach disorders, GERD is something that’s completely curable. In fact, with the right precautions, you can even prevent the disease. All that matters is the right type of GERD treatment and adequate measures to follow after the diagnosis. Read on…

So, What is GERD?

In simple terms, GERD is the abbreviated form of gastroesophageal disorder; a reflux that causes the stomach to automatically “throw up” liquid contents that are high in acidity. As a result, the patient suffers from a shot of excoriating pain, alongside heartburn/ burning along the linings of the esophagus tract.

Usually GERD is categorized as a phenomenon, which occurs especially during sleep. Some people feel the reflux a few hours after or in between a hefty meal. It all depends on the severity of the disorder. However, the good news is that GERD treatment is possible, and a person can be completely cured of this disorder for life.

Basic Know-How of GERD Treatment for First Timers:

In order to assess and diagnose a patient for GERD Treatment, doctors usually ask a series of questions related to acidity and heart burn. In addition, the doctor might perform an upper endoscopy, a process where a thin flexible tube-cam is inserted in the patient’s mouth to see the linings of the esophagus. This way, doctor determines the actual state of the esophagus and signs of any ulcers etc. inside the tract.

  • Keep Your Pillow Elevated:

During sleep, by keeping the position of your pillow slightly elevated, you are naturally preventing GERD phenomenon from occurring. A lot of patients benefited from this simple technique and reportedly said that they never experienced acid reflux again.

  • Keep Track of What You Eat:

GERD is usually triggered on the basis of food and liquid intake. Eating a lot of spicy food can put the stomach under stress, hence causing it to produce high amounts of acid that is usually meant to help digest the food. However, while doing so, the stomach shoots up the excess amount of this acidic content back to the person’s mouth.

In many cases, by simply maintaining a healthy diet plan, you are following a common GERD Treatment at home. Include fruit, raw vegetable and salads to your menu to not only prevent GERD, but also ensure optimal body level performance.

By the way, there are a lot of trigger foods that act as a catalyst. For instance, eating high amounts of chocolate or drinking excessive amount of coffee can accelerate GERD phenomenon. Excess of anything is bad for health – so, keep an eye out on your diet choices.

Don’t forget to follow a proper exercise program. A moderate amount of walk can also reduce GERD chances by a long shot. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to consult with a professional immediately. Don’t forget to share your experience through the comments section below.

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