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Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be a major step in your journey towards living a happier, healthier life. Even after recovering from a bariatric procedure, following the aftercare guidelines outlined by Dr. Hossein Bagshahi and your medical team is essential — not only to your ability to achieve successful weight loss, but also to your health and general well-being. Our continuum of care doesn’t stop after surgery, and the medical professionals at our practice are here to help you formulate an ideal plan to prevent nutritional deficiencies after your weight loss procedure. That said, taking the necessary vitamins and supplements prescribed after surgery is critical.  

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Why Do I Need to Supplement My Diet After Weight Loss Surgery?

Procedures such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and duodenal switch surgery achieve weight loss, in part, by changing the way the body absorbs calories and nutrients. Consequently, some of the outcomes of bariatric surgery — including reduced stomach volume and lower dietary intake — can lead to malabsorption of certain vitamins and nutrients. This means patients who undergo certain procedures may be required to supplement their diet with vitamins, zinc, potassium, or iron (among other minerals) to lower the risk of a nutritional deficiency. 

Questions? Our team at Bagshahi Bariatric & General Surgery are committed to being there for you at every stage of your weight loss journey. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Fort Worth and Dallas-area practice for more information.