LAP-BAND® Weight Loss System

The LAP-BAND weight loss system is an innovative approach to treatment for patients who find that diet and exercise are insufficient to help them lose significant amounts of weight. Dr. Hossein Bagshahi, our extensively trained bariatric surgeon, offers this treatment as one of several leading weight loss options to address obesity. If you’re considering bariatric surgery, we can help you determine if gastric banding or another technique can provide the optimal outcome based on your medical needs, lifestyle goals, and personal preferences.

What Is LAP-BAND® Surgery?

The LAP-BAND system was the first form of gastric banding available in the US and is FDA-approved to help certain patients lose weight. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves placing an adjustable ring around the upper portion of the stomach. The band is filled with saline to form a small pouch, decreasing the size of the stomach. As a result, individuals feel full faster and with less food, leading to weight loss over time.

LAP-BAND® Vs. Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Each weight loss procedure offers unique benefits and is appropriate for different types of patients and their needs. LAP-BAND is a minimally invasive technique and therefore less invasive than either gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. LAP-BAND surgery is also reversible, which the other two are not. Another difference is that the LAP-BAND method only reduces the amount of food that can be comfortably ingested, while gastric sleeve and gastric bypass offer greater satiety and reduced calorie absorption, respectively. Some patients find that a single procedure is the best fit for them, while others have a choice between two or more options. Dr. Bagshahi will review the techniques and guide you toward the one that offers the optimal outcome based on your particulars.

Am I a Candidate for LAP-BAND® Surgery?

The first step in considering weight loss surgery is an evaluation. Dr. Bagshahi will provide a thorough examination to determine if you are a good fit for bariatric surgery and which procedure is ideal for your needs and goals. LAP-BAND surgery is recommended for people who have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 40 and have a documented history of trying to unsuccessfully lose weight through diet and exercise. Individuals with a BMI of at least 35 and a weight-related medical condition are also potential candidates. Weight-related medical conditions include issues like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

How Is the LAP-BAND® Procedure Performed?

Using laparoscopic (minimally invasive) techniques, Dr. Bagshahi will insert and affix the saline-adjustable gastric band over the stomach to create a much smaller pouch. This small stomach pouch limits the amount of food you can comfortably eat and creates feelings of fullness sooner, reducing your calorie intake and leading to weight loss. The size of the pouch can be adjusted to provide the ideal situation for you, and the band will likely be tightened to reduce the pouch size several times as you lose weight. The band adjustments are a simple in-office procedure that can be completed quickly and comfortably.

What Is LAP-BAND® Recovery Like?

Recovery times are greatly reduced compared to traditional open surgery, since laparoscopic techniques require only small incisions. Most LAP-BAND procedures can be completed on an outpatient basis, so you should be able to return home the same day. Regular daily activity can be resumed in a few days, depending on your unique recovery parameters. We will also schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor your results and provide adjustments as needed.

How Much Does LAP-BAND® Surgery Cost?

$14,500 is average cost for LAP-BAND in the US. When you consult with our team, they will work with you to minimize cost based on your insurance coverage, health, and procedure. You may also want to keep in mind that some miscellaneous costs will also be involved, such as co-pays for medication. During your initial consultation, we will review the full anticipated cost of your procedure to give you the information you need to make the best decision for you. We work with many insurance companies, not including Medicaid, and we also offer a range of weight loss financing options for patients paying out of pocket. We can provide additional information and assistance at your appointment.

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