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Gastric Bypass 130lbs lost

Hello! If you are reading this then you are looking to change your life. You might be on the fence but I guarantee you will be happy if you set up a consultation with Dr Bagshahi. A consultation is not a commitment to this procedure or this doctor. It’s going in and hearing for yourself what surgery the doctor recommends and what benefits you should expect to experience. I first came to Dr Bagshahi in 2019 looking to get a gastric sleeve after struggling with my weight ever since I had fertility treatments to conceive my children. I had Gastric Bypass and have slowly but surely lost 130 lbs and I’m not 138lbs at 5’1″! I thought I had failed my surgery in the beginning because I was consuming more calories than I thought I was. I stopped drinking my calories and really going back to weighing and measuring my food and counting calories and I lost the final 80 lbs in one year. This is a TOOL, not a magic pill. You have to decide if you can make a full lifestyle change in order to use this tool effectively. I promise you wont regret it if you commit to it. You can do this, too!