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Gastric Sleeve, 105lbs lost

“After years of yo-yoing dieting, crash dieting, trying “magic pills, shakes or potions” I had enough and knew I needed to do something to take control. Once I gave birth to my daughter in Dec 2016, I hit the gym and changed my eating habits but still after 18-24 months I was getting no where. Frustrated because I was at the highest weight ever of 256 and ready to give up, I came home to my husband one day and said I want to get the Gastric Sleeve, please support me as I feel so lost and want to give up. Once I met Dr Bagshahi, he was completely honest in telling me why I needed the tool from him as I was doing all of the right things on my end. Nov 2018 I made the decision to have the Gastric Sleeve done and have never looked back. As of this morning, Jan 9th 2020 I am down from 256 to 151 and feel as confident and happy as ever. I have worked rigorously in the gym 5-6 days a week since surgery as well continued making healthy decisions daily. I have changed my outlook on food as fuel and not coping with emotional habits like I used to. I look at the gym as a way of how can I push my body to do more and achieve more. Due to my success story, 2 of my friends recently just had their surgery with Dr Bagshahi and another one has a consultation scheduled. My next goal is to get my mother in so she too can start taking control of her life. I love being an inspiration to others! Huge thank you to Dr Bagshahi and his staff for taking amazing care of me and helping bring this tool into my life. I will be eternally grateful for you.”