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10 ways to keep your New Year’s resolution

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of where you are in your weight-loss journey and where you want to go. Use these 10 strategies to stay on track and make 2017 your best year yet!

1.  Get inspired. Then, define it.

Decide on one or two words that define why you’re inspired to lose weight, such as “strength,” “health” or “self-care.” This will drive your actions and articulate your goals throughout the year.

2.  Get more granular.

Draw from that inspiration to establish attainable goals. Replace soda with water, walk 30 to 45 minutes daily or attend a specific fitness class once a week. Concrete steps will keep you focused.

3.  Seek out support.

Join the crowd, especially one that acts as a support network working in tandem with you, not against you, to achieve healthy outcomes. No matter where you are in your journey, experiencing a “continuum of care,” as Dr. B describes it, will keep you motivated and inspire you to push yourself.

4.  Enlist a friend — or several.

Want to try a yoga class, but don’t want to go alone? Enlist a friend (or two) to join you each week. It will hold you accountable, dispel self-consciousness, enhance motivation and make it social.

5.  Track your progress.

Nutrition and fitness trackers help monitor progress. Many also seamlessly connect to your social media accounts so you can keep friends and family in the loop. Try competing against yourself or your friends to keep motivation levels high. And your medical progress? Leave that to Dr. B and his team.

6.  Switch it up!

Keep it interesting (and your body guessing) by switching it up! If you usually run or practice yoga, try out a boxing or aerial yoga class. You might just fall in love with a new activity.

7.  Surround yourself with motivation.

Use Pinterest to collect inspirational fitness quotes, pictures and workout ideas. You can also make your own vision board or write down inspirational phrases on sticky notes and strategically place them around your house or office. Keep yourself inspired!

8.  Don’t expect perfection.

A healthy life is a balanced life — and yes, that includes work stress and the occasional glass of wine. These aren’t slip-ups; they’re as much a part of life as regular exercise.

9.  Celebrate the wins.

The little things in life make a huge impact. Make sure you’re stopping to congratulate yourself on the small steps you take each day to accomplish your goals.

10.  Stay flexible.

There’s a bit of trial and error to any weight-loss routine. Goals may transform into other goals. Go with the flow and embrace new challenges. We at Bagshahi Bariatric and General Surgery Fort Worth will be with you every step of the way!