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Why should you choose Dr. B?

Once you’ve made the decision to explore medical or surgical options for weight loss, the next step is choosing the right doctor to help you navigate the process and achieve your goals. There are several considerations to make, some that are particular to your situation and preferences, others that are less subjective.

Experience and Expertise

You can start by searching for a surgeon who has your desired level of experience and expertise. There are a couple indisputable ways to determine the level of rigor of a bariatric surgeon’s training:

Dr. Bagshahi is both board-certified and was named a Fellow of the ASMBS, which is a distinction bestowed upon a select group of ASMBS members. He was also chosen to participate in prestigious fellowship programs within the surgical weight-loss field. Undergoing surgery by Dr. B means you’re in the hands of a skilled professional with a proven track record.

Services and Level of Care

Every individual’s weight loss journey is unique and there are many different weight loss treatments available. What may be right for one person may not be right for another. You need a medical team that recognizes those distinctions, understands the weight loss field and has the means to devise a plan tailor-made to your comfort level and needs. You don’t want a doctor who’s only focused on one particular procedure.

Many surgeons aren’t equipped to provide the breadth of services you may require, but Dr. B and his team offer a variety of advanced and innovative weight loss options, including gastric bypass surgery, non-invasive intra-gastric balloon surgery and even revision surgery. They’ll help you make an informed decision about which option is best for you.

Losing weight also entails consultations, follow-up appointments, nutritional and fitness counseling, insurance and financing support and other post-treatment care. These steps are as important, if not more, than the procedure itself. Dr. B and his team are committed to offering you a continuum of care, supporting you through the process and helping you set and meet achievable targets throughout your journey.

Personal Attention and Team Support

Have you ever experienced this: a doctor visit with the medical professional’s eyes barely leaving your chart or screen? There are many doctors who employ a cookie-cutter approach to weight loss. But this sets their patients up for failure and can be a sign that profit motive has eclipsed patient care.

With Dr. B, you’re a person, not a number. He recognizes that healthy, sustainable weight loss is complicated, and that the recipe for success varies from person to person. He also understands how important the relationship and level of communication between you and your doctor are. A comfortable, honest and ongoing dialogue between the patient and network of health care professionals is essential. Dr. B and the team at Bagshahi Bariatric and General Surgery will make every effort to put you at ease, learn about you and your priorities and give you the individual attention you deserve.