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Six Ways to Stop Stress Eating

Eating because of stress is a major cause of weight problems and sedentary lifestyles. Once this habit starts, it is hard to stop. Stop it before it becomes a problem with these six tips.

Exercise Instead of Eating

Most likely, you are feeling lethargic and depressed because your blood is not moving. Eight good minutes of exercise will completely change this reality, and you will usually start feeling better.

High-impact exercises also help the brain to release “happy hormones” that give you boosts of energy. Once you get yourself into a habit of exercising when you feel down instead of eating, you will not only stop binge eating, but you will start to lose weight every day.

Get More Sleep

Sleep heals the body and the mind and causes less stress eating. If you have had a bad day, then a good night’s sleep or a midday nap can be incredibly helpful.

If you have a stressful life in general, then eight hours of sleep is the norm. People who get even one hour less have been known to perform less thoroughly and think with less focus. They also eat more.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

From yoga to meditation to prayer, many relaxation techniques will put the mind and body at ease. When you get the temptation to eat, practice your preferred technique. You will likely be much less hungry after 10 to 15 minutes of clearing the mind and getting the blood flowing in the body.

Keep Fatty Foods Out of the House

If you do not have the foods to indulge your cravings conveniently available, then you are less likely to fall to the temptation of eating them. It is okay to eat if you are stressed out as long as the food is healthy. Have plenty of raw fruits and vegetables around to satisfy your cravings when you get stressed out or generally hungry.

Find New Activities

Finding new activities ensures that your mind will never be idle enough to think of food unless the body is truly physically hungry. The challenge of participating in new physical activities will take all of your thought process, and you will not be able to focus on anything except the task in front of you.

Take a Vacation

If stress is an everyday function of your life, then you likely need to take a day off. Get away from your daily routine.