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Why Are We Obese?

In today’s world, more people are struggling with weight problems than ever before. Many disparate factors cause obesity, but some of the most common reasons are poor diet, lack of exercise, bad lifestyle choices and genetic disposition. Fortunately, those who wish to lose weight have many ways to tackle this issue, but first, let’s look a little deeper at the origins of obesity.

Most medical professionals say that the most common cause of obesity is poor nutrition or diet. Only recently, it’s been reported that the traditional diet plans, which advocate consumption of high-fiber, low-fat foods and a general avoidance of fat, are just plain wrong.

Carbs and Junk Food

A new consensus is emerging that it is carbohydrates that are the main culprit in weight gain, and fat is actually healthy when consumed in moderate amounts. Previous advice from health authorities and dietitians to partake of carbohydrates or protein instead of fat are essentially setting you up for failure on your diet plan.

Junk food producers and manufacturers, who create unhealthy foods that make up 80 to 90 percent of the food sold in a typical supermarket, are a large part of the problem. Eating out is often no better, because many restaurants typically use the same unhealthy ingredients that are found in junk foods, such as vegetable oils, sugars, flavor enhancers and harmful preservatives.

Portion Size and Food Quantity

Another critical issue to look at regarding diet is portion size and the quantity of food consumed. No matter how foods are categorized or broken down nutritionally, eating too much of them without appropriate exercise or other compensation will lead to weight gain.

For many people, sedentary lifestyles and work habits — for instance, sitting in a comfortable office chair all day — are contributing factors to obesity. It’s critical for your body that you get a healthy amount of exercise every day to maintain good circulation of your blood and build a proper metabolism.

Weight Loss Consulting

If you’re unsure as to how to determine the correct amount of exercise for you, consult the Internet or talk to a sports or training professional. Specifically, take factors such as your current weight, height, body type and age into account.

Even with a dedicated diet regime and regular workouts, you may have a difficult time overcoming obesity. For some people, genetics may play a part in their body’s tendency to put on weight.

Certain body types and cultural backgrounds can predispose some people to add and retain extra weight. In these instances, a doctor or nutritionist can specifically advise additional steps that are appropriate for weight loss.

Obesity is a common problem in the United States and many other countries. Despite a tremendous amount of medical knowledge and a wealth of readily available information, poor choices and lack of education about the subject can result in negative outcomes. But by making a few changes to your habits, the issue can often be overcome.

Don’t give up hope if you’ve suffered from weight problems for years or even just recently. The more you’re aware of obesity’s causes, the closer you are to finding the correct solutions.