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Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Right for Me?

Gastric bypass, also known as a Roux-en-Y procedure, is one of the most effective weight loss surgeries in the country. When performed by a board-certified bariatric bariatric surgeon, the gastric bypass procedure can achieve significant and lasting weight loss to help patients transform their health and life. That said, this surgery is not intended for patients looking to casually lose weight — gastric bypass is meant for men and women who need to dramatically reduce their BMI to address life-threatening medical issues. There are many potential solutions to help patients on their weight loss journey, and gastric bypass surgery is typically most successful for individuals who: 

It’s important to remember that even patients who meet all of the qualifications above may not be the best candidates for gastric bypass surgery, which is why Dr. Bagshahi provides a range of treatment options to help identify the best technique for each person’s needs. For some patients with weight-related medical conditions, the duodenal switch procedure may be a more effective procedure to maximize one’s health and achieve long-term weight loss. Dr. Bagshahi can help you understand your options and recommend an ideal procedure to make your goals a reality. 

All in all, discussing your goals with a bariatric surgeon is the only way to truly determine the best weight loss procedure for your needs and medical history. Dr. Bagshahi has helped countless patients in the Dallas area achieve their goals with a customized treatment plan and he would be happy to help you learn more about your options. Contact Bagshahi Bariatric & General Surgery to schedule an appointment or to learn more.