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Why Do I Get a Burning Sensation When I Eat?

Heartburn is a digestive symptom commonly experienced by men and women of all ages. Characterized by a burning or fiery sensation in the mid-chest and/or throat, heartburn is usually a sign of poor dietary choices that can lead to high acidity levels in the stomach. Obesity is one reason for frequent heartburn, but other causes include: Overeating Consuming spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol in excess Carbonated beverages Lying down while eating Smoking Hiatal hernia Certain medications Exercises that put […]

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Compare to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Each weight loss procedure offers unique benefits and drawbacks. Finding the ideal approach for your health concerns and desired outcome requires a thorough evaluation of your medical history. After considering all factors, patients may have a choice between two or more weight loss techniques. This often occurs with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, as the candidacy requirements overlap for both methods. Choosing between these two options can be a matter of preference, so it’s important to understand the pros […]

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Bagshahi Bariatric to Sponsor Obesity Awareness 5K Run/Walk Event

Maintaining a healthy weight and staying active are easier when participating in fun events! Fun runs and other races are a great way to enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle, which is why Bagshahi Bariatric is now sponsoring an annual run/walk 5K and 1 mile designed to raise awareness for obesity while providing patients and their friends and family members yet another opportunity to achieve their health and wellness goals. The Bagshahi Bariatric Obesity Awareness Run/Walk 5K and 1 Mile […]

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