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Skillet Frittatas 3 Ways Make the Holidays Even Tastier

The holidays can be a difficult time for people to keep weight off, especially bariatric patients who need to be careful about which foods they consume. To reduce your stress and improve the quality of your meals, Dr. Hossein Bagshahi, our extensively trained weight loss surgeon, has provided a simple, quick, and delicious option for you to try: Southwestern frittatas. Southwestern Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata 1 small onion, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 4 strips turkey bacon, diced […]

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What Do I Need to Know About Duodenal Switch? Here Are the FAQs

Are you considering duodenal switch surgery? Learn more about this procedure from our experienced bariatric surgeon who has answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this technique: Q. What is duodenal switch and how does it help patients lose weight? A. Typically performed as a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) or vertical gastrectomy with duodenal switch, this surgery is a weight loss procedure used by individuals to lose weight when diet and exercise fail. This complex technique […]

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Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve: Which Is Right for Me?

Choosing between two of the most popular weight loss procedures requires a careful look at what each one offers. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery can provide significant, life-changing results for overweight and obese patients. During your initial consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon, he or she can tell you more about which option is ideal for you. In the meantime, here are some of the differences between gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass: Gastric Sleeve: Also known as vertical […]

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Two Cool Summer Salads

Two bariatric friendly summer salad recipes that are nutritious and high in protein. To keep you on your weight loss surgery diet. These quick and easy recipes can be made in less than half an hour.  They also use many of the same ingredients thus making weekly meal prep that much easier.   LIME SHRIMP AND AVOCADO SALAD INGREDIENTS: 1 Haas avocado, finely sliced or cubed 1 c. grape tomatoes cut in half or quartered. 1/4 sweet onion, chopped. 1 […]

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Obesity vs Bariatric Surgery: Which Is More Dangerous?

Although the average person may think of surgery as inherently dangerous, the truth is that having potentially invasive procedures is less dangerous than living with obesity. In fact, morbidly obese patients who have bariatric surgery are 89% less likely to die than from obesity-related health problems than morbidly obese individuals who elect to not have surgery. There are many reasons that obesity is one of the most dangerous conditions the body can be in. Here are just a few reasons […]

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The Link Between Obesity and Low Testosterone (Low T)

The link between obesity and low testosterone levels has been well established over the years. In addition, researchers have also documented links between lower testosterone levels and the obesity related diseases of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol associated with metabolic syndrome.   How Does Obesity Affect Testosterone Levels? Obesity causes hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency in men in two ways. First, fat cells lower testosterone levels by transforming the hormone into estrogen. The second way obesity lowers testosterone is […]

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Summer Popsicle Recipes

Stay hydrated and conquer those cravings for something cold and sweet on a hot summer day with these easy to make popsicle recipes.  Note:  If you don’t have a popsicle mold, you can use Dixie cups and craft popsicle sticks. HYDRATING FRUIT POPSICLES (makes 8-12 pops) INGREDIENTS: 1 small box Sugar-Free Jell-O mix (1/3 ounce) 1 packet Unsweet Kool-Aid Drink Mix packet 2 cups boiling water PREPARATION: Mix the Jell-O with 2 cups boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add 2 […]

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Celebrating Joy’s Success with the Obalon Balloon! She’s down 30lbs and 4 pant sizes! Congratulations on your success Joy!

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I’ve wanted to skydive my WHOLE life, but my weight held me back FROM EVERYTHING! NOT ANYMORE! thanks to dr bagshahi! Literally the BEST DOCTOR EVER!!! I️ was blessed to be able to get this surgery 11 months ago. It literally gave me a second chance at life and I️ plan to take advantage of EVERY second I️ have left! I️ finally made my dream come true for my birthday!! Best experience ever.

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