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Weight Loss Options

How To Find The Best Weight Loss Surgeon For You

Selecting an experienced bariatric surgeon to help you begin living a healthier lifestyle can be both an exciting and daunting part of your weight loss journey. Your surgeon will help you determine the most effective treatment plan to achieve your health goals and play an integral role in your ability to achieve successful long-term weight loss. While choosing the right surgeon may seem like a lot of pressure, there are many tips that can help you narrow down the vast […]

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Malabsorptive vs. Restrictive Bariatric Surgery

When it comes to weight loss surgery, a multitude of treatment options can help you begin and sustain a healthier lifestyle. Bariatric procedures use varying techniques to catalyze weight loss, and learning the distinctions between each type of surgery is often key to determining the most beneficial choice for your needs and goals. Most weight loss procedures fall into one of three categories: malabsorptive bariatric surgery, restrictive bariatric surgery, or a combination of both approaches.  Malabsorptive weight loss surgery involves […]

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Compare to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Each weight loss procedure offers unique benefits and drawbacks. Finding the ideal approach for your health concerns and desired outcome requires a thorough evaluation of your medical history. After considering all factors, patients may have a choice between two or more weight loss techniques. This often occurs with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, as the candidacy requirements overlap for both methods. Choosing between these two options can be a matter of preference, so it’s important to understand the pros […]

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What Do I Need to Know About Duodenal Switch? Here Are the FAQs

Are you considering duodenal switch surgery? Learn more about this procedure from our experienced bariatric surgeon who has answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this technique: Q. What is duodenal switch and how does it help patients lose weight? A. Typically performed as a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) or vertical gastrectomy with duodenal switch, this surgery is a weight loss procedure used by individuals to lose weight when diet and exercise fail. This complex technique […]

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Gastric Bypass Vs. Gastric Sleeve: Which Is Right for Me?

Choosing between two of the most popular weight loss procedures requires a careful look at what each one offers. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery can provide significant, life-changing results for overweight and obese patients. During your initial consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon, he or she can tell you more about which option is ideal for you. In the meantime, here are some of the differences between gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass: Gastric Sleeve: Also known as vertical […]

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