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Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Is Robotic Weight Loss Surgery Right for Me?

Robotic weight loss surgery is among the most revolutionary advances in bariatrics, offering a less invasive and more precise approach to performing major weight loss procedures. Using the da Vinci® robot and a laparoscope, our board-certified bariatric surgeon can perform surgery with greater visibility and surgical control than ever before. Adjunctively, this gives patients the benefits of shorter incisions, less downtime, reduced scarring, and a lower risk of complications overall.  While considered safe and effective for many different types of […]

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How Can Weight Loss Surgery Be Minimally Invasive?

While the journey towards achieving a healthier weight can be difficult, modern techniques have made it possible to perform bariatric surgery with less invasiveness, downtime, and complications than ever before. Dr. Hossein Bagshahi, our fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon, specializes in minimally invasive weight loss surgery and offers a range of options to help Dallas patients find the right procedure for their needs.  In general, minimally invasive surgery is performed using special surgical instruments and a laparoscope, which refers to a lighted […]

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How Can da Vinci® Robotic-Assisted Surgery Benefit My Weight Loss Procedure?

Robotic-assisted surgery refers to procedures incorporating the da Vinci® robot — a sophisticated system that uses computer-guided, surgeon-controlled robotic arms to perform complex steps of an operation. In the past, surgeons often had to complete meticulous procedures while contending with the limitations of both the human wrist and long, inflexible surgical instruments. The da Vinci® system greatly reduces (or even eliminates) these constraints by allowing a surgeon to perform complex maneuvers at a chairside console, which then translates their movements […]

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Pulled Groin vs. Hernia

If you have ever felt pain or a constant ache in the groin after physical activity, you may suspect a pulled muscle as the cause of your symptoms. While a strained groin can indeed be a potential reason for sudden pain in this region, it’s also possible for older and/or overweight patients to be experiencing an inguinal hernia. As the most common type of hernia treated, an inguinal hernia refers to a hole in a weakened section of abdominal muscle. […]

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